What we do

We build mutually beneficial relationships with small to medium sized brands and grow together. Amazon can be a jungle to navigate, but we've been in the trenches for years and know what we're doing. With us, you'll see your sales increase along with brand awareness.

We know Amazon

The sales of your items on Amazon are not predetermined - if you tweak the listings the right way sales will increase significantly.

We buy - we keep

Once we've purchased a product from you, we own it. We pay for products upfront and take the risk out of your hands.

Shared knowledge

As our team generates data from campaigns, the flow of information goes back to you.


Determine the total sales volume on the marketplace and develop strategies to improve performance.

Brand control

Make sure you contral the “how,” “who,” and “why” when it comes to third-party sellers on the marketplace.

Control pricing

We can help implement and police MAP policy, so you're in control of the price your products sell for.


Gunnar Bengtsson

Gunnar Bengtsson


Internet marketer since 2001, Amazon expert, brand owner.




Improve your content with high quality, in-depth experience in the industry of digital media and marketing on the web! Your passion & message are important. It's time to share it, let’s MAKE MAGIC! Aloha <3



Content Writer

Having worked with Amazon 4917+ Sellers in 116 countries, several of whom run million-dollar FBA empires, taught us what makes your product listing and description 1) an EPIC success or 2) an EMBARRASSING failure.

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